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UCLA researchers continue to push for climate change mitigation as recent extreme heat has led to canceled flights and record breaking temps in SoCal. Although California lawmakers have made ambitious pledges to reduce GHG emissions, the number of dangerously hot days will continue to increase, says UCLA atmospheric and oceanic professor, Alex Hall. Read more

Dr. Andrew Leuchter talks with a patient who is about to undergo transcranial magnetic stimulation, which treats depression by sending magnetic pulses to a specific area of the brain.
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Depression is the number one cause of disability worldwide according to the World Health Organization, but common antidepressants work for only 60 percent to 70 percent of people who take them. The Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA is one of a handful of hospitals and clinics nationwide that offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), an innovative treatment for depression that Read more

In the traveling exhibition “Send Silence Packing,” backpacks represent the more than 1,000 college students who commit suicide each year.
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The New York Times featured the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge in an article highlighting how different colleges are proactively addressing depression on campus. The article mentions Michelle Craske, Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee member, along with current progress in the iCBT Student Study and plans for the “100K study” – the 10-year study that will monitor 100,000 people with the Read more

People missing genetic material along the 22nd chromosome are at higher risk for schizophrenia, while those with excess genetic material there were more at risk for autism.

UCLA researchers recently discovered how certain neuropsychiatric disorders, like schizophrenia and autism, are related to brain irregularities and genetic abnormalities. Carrie Bearden, lead author of the study and professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences and of psychology at UCLA, explains that duplications found in sections of chromosome 22 can sometimes lead to autism, whereas missing genetic material Read more

Watch Facebook Live session featuring #DepressionHero Metta World Peace and Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee Member, Michelle Craske

Live with #DepressionHero Metta World Peace & UCLA’s Michelle ...

Facebook Live Video featuring 5/19/2017 discussion between Metta World Peace (professional basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers and 3rd UCLA #DepressionHero) & Michelle Craske, PhD (UCLA scientist leading the Innovative Treatment Network component of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge). If you are interested in viewing certain parts of the conversation, please go to the appropriate time marker:00:15 – Introduction01:03 – Background on the #DepressionHero campaign01:50 – Metta shares about his background with depression04:21 – Metta’s experience going public about depression06:00 – Metta’s advice for young people, including on social media09:45 – Metta’s strategies11:32 – About the Depression Grand Challenge13:23 – Advice about mental health in sports16:11 – Metta gives advice to his past self17:36 – Metta’s game strategies19:39 – The need for tailored strategies for kids21:16 – Audience question: Who are Michelle and Metta’s Depression Heroes?25:00 – Audience question: How has Metta’s experience with mental health been influenced or changed by being a dad?27:51 – Audience question: How do I help or what do I say/do to a friend with depression?29:41 – Discussion about how mental health has changed since 201031:24 – Audience question: What do you appreciate in someone when you’re coaching them?32:34 – Thank you and closing remarks#TeamUCLALakers #MentalHealthMonth LA Lakers UCLA Health

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The Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) announced its third #DepressionHero, Metta World Peace, on May 15, 2017. Metta is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers who surprised the sports world when he thanked his therapist on live television after the Lakers Read more