The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge has made significant progress since 2015

May 16, 2016

The Sustainable LA team is moving forward on a number of initiatives, towards the 2020 deadline when we will have an implementation plan for Los Angeles County. The progress is centered around directed research projects to understand the scale of the problems in energy, water and ecosystem health. Recent examples of our progress include:

-Raising $6.7M for cross-cutting research projects.

-Launching SLA Fellows Program and funding nine summer Fellows – including two SLA Fellows in the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, to align the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge with the city’s pLAn.

-Holding conservation genomics, conservation law and community engagement workshops to better understand the urban wildlife in Los Angeles County.

-Gathering baseline measurement by a combination of students, fellows & faculty on renewable energy potential, water balance and creating a biodiversity atlas.

-Conducting best practices analysis on water conservation and turf replacement across Los Angeles County.