100% Renewable Energy for Los Angeles County: A Preliminary Assessment

July 29, 2016

Executive Summary, July 2016
Richard E. Wirz*, Karthik Nithyanandam, Parker Wells
UCLA, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
*Energy Representative, Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Steering Committee (wirz@ucla.edu)

Abstract: The results of this feasibility study show that it is possible to achieve the Los Angeles County’s 2050 energy needs by using only a small fraction of the region’s accessible renewable energy resources. The solution requires the generation, distribution, and storage of both renewable electricity and fuels to meet end-user, water, and transportation energy needs, while supporting a healthy regional ecosystem. To achieve this goal, many significant technological and policy challenges must be addressed – several of which are identified herein as near-term “Research Directions.” As such, this study serves as a preliminary technological assessment to stimulate the development of a long term 2050 plan for a sustainable energy portfolio for LA County and region.


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