Sustainable LA Grand Challenge: Inaugural Leadership Council Meeting

September 22, 2016
City of Los Angeles' Chief Sustainability Officer, Matt Petersen, (right) addressing the room.
City of Los Angeles’ Chief Sustainability Officer, Matt Petersen, (right) addressing the room.
Nikki Parrish

On September 22nd, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge held its inaugural Leadership Council meeting, which brought together leadership from across disciplines at UCLA and throughout Los Angeles County. Headlined by Chancellor Gene Block and Mark Gold, Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, the meeting focused on laying the foundation for the Council to help move Sustainable LA to the next level. Among many of the responsibilities, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Leadership Council will provide implementation expertise, identify pathways to research, as well as grow and strengthen the Council.

California Senator Kevin de León, a member of the Leadership Council, commended Chancellor Block and the university for the innovative and forward thought put into this Grand Challenge. In a statement at the meeting Senator de León emphasized,

“California will lead, and is working to set a market signal to build the technologies and meet the goals of the targets that it has set. We have the capital, and we have the opportunity to lead the world. We have to get it right here.”

UCLA is not only the key to this interdisciplinary and innovative approach to research, it’s also positioned to help effect societal change.