Meet the UCLA Foundation Depression Grand Challenge Fellows

November 21, 2016

The UCLA Foundation Depression Grand Challenge Fellowships serve two critical functions for the Depression Grand Challenge. First, they provide a training opportunity (with financial support) for outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to obtain practical research experience in a field related to depression.  The second important function is that they pursue a line of research that furthers the goal of one or more of the Depression Grand Challenge components. 

During their fellowship experiences, the scholars are mentored by renowned UCLA faculty who share their experience, better positioning the students to be problem-solvers for the future. The fellowship program is a true priority of the Depression Grand Challenge and donors who support this program know that their efforts are not only supporting the goal of cutting the burden of depression in half by 2050, but also potentially having a transformative effect on a fellow’s life path.

See fellow profiles below to learn more about the fellows and how they are working to stimulate novel research findings related to the topic of depression.

Victor Chen

Zhe Chen

Ann Hoffman

Amanda Loerinc

Leslie Rith-Najarian

Meghan Vinograd

For information about other fellows working on the Depression Grand Challenge, please refer to the posts regarding the Max Gray Fellows.

If you are inspired to support the DGC and/or the DGC Fellowship programs, we encourage you to contribute funding at:


This post and linked stories were written by UCLA Student/Depression Grand Challenge Student Worker, Emilia Szmyrgala.