UCLA cityLAB to headline Architecture and Design Museum exhibition

February 2, 2017
The BI(h)OME, designed by Kevin Daly Architects in conjunction with UCLA architecture students in cityLAB, will be on display at the “cityLAb Times 10” exhibition.

“cItyLAb, times 10″—an upcoming exhibition at the A+D Museum in Downtown Los Angeles—will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of UCLA’s urban design and architecture think tank’s founding while looking ahead to the progress that will be made in Los Angeles in years to come. Dana Cuff, a professor of architecture and urban design at UCLA and cItyLAB’s founder, commented on the project’s efforts to address urban challenges in Los Angeles, emphasizing that “the proposals on view [at the exhibition] offer an incredibly wide range of innovative thinking about progressive architecture and design that holds the potential to enrich the urban fabric of Southern California and beyond.”

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