Op-Ed: Oroville Dam emergency shows urgent need for climate adaptation according to Mark Gold & Alex Hall

February 24, 2017
California needs is a water infrastructure vulnerability assessment that includes dams, aqueducts and coastal aquifers. This assessment must be used to develop a priority list for retrofits and construction.
Hector Amezcua hamezcua@sacbee.com

California has seen an unusual winter with increased storm activity in both its Northern and Southern regions. This has raised an alarm for the state’s dated-infrastructure as is the case with the unfolding situation of Oroville Dam. In an Op-Ed for the Sacramento Bee, Alex Hall, UCLA atmospheric and oceanic professor, and Mark Gold, associate vice chancellor for environment and sustainability, note the urgent need for climate adaptation as we look to a future with more extreme weather events. According to both Hall and Gold, “California’s water infrastructure was built to handle flows based on the historic record, when greenhouse gas concentrations were well below their current levels of more than 400 parts per million and climbing. But our infrastructure needs to be designed for California’s climate future.” Gold leads the university’s Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, which aims to achieve 100% renewable energy and 100% locally sourced water, while enhancing ecosystem and human health for Los Angeles.

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