UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Director Casandra Rauser on what inspires her to act on climate change

March 16, 2017

In the lead up to Climate Day L.A., Kristina von Hoffmann from the non-profit organization Climate Resolve interviewed climate leaders and advocates in Los Angeles who are advancing climate solutions regionally and statewide including UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Director Casandra Rauser.

The article, “Los Angeles Leaders: What Inspires Us to Act on Climate”, features what inspires climate leaders and advocates to act on climate change. “I’m inspired by the forward-thinking of our policy makers both statewide and locally, and want to continue the momentum built to create positive change and serve as a model for other cities worldwide in fighting climate change,” Rauser said. Her motivation comes from the desire to make sure her kids and future generations grow up in a resilient, sustainable city that offers the same vibrancy and diversity it does today.

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