Brad Feld is UCLA’s First #DepressionHero

March 27, 2017
About Brad

Brad Feld is an American entrepreneur, author, blogger, and venture capitalist at Foundry Group. He shared (and continues to do so) his experience with depression by publishing it online.

Why He’s A #DepressionHero

UCLA recognizes Brad for being a voice of truth and inspiration for those suffering from depression. His courageous articles, posts, and strategies for dealing with depression have reached tens of thousands of people worldwide.

“I try to be myself, be direct, be open, and own my thoughts and ideas all the time. So it would have been opaque and inauthentic not to talk openly about depression…given that transparency and authenticity are a key part of my value system.”

– Brad Feld
Feld Thoughts 7/6/2014

Learn More About Brad’s Experience

Brad writes about his experience with depression across various media on his blog Feld Thoughts and is active on Twitter.

About the #DepressionHero Campaign

UCLA is engaging in a number of activities in commemoration of World Health Day. One of these activities is a social media campaign to publicly recognize a number of individuals who our campus has identified as a #DepressionHero. We view these individuals as having been instrumental in increasing and/or changing the public or local community conversation about depression. Learn more.