Watch Facebook Live session featuring #DepressionHero Brad Feld and the Director of the Depression Grand Challenge, Nelson Freimer

April 5, 2017
Brad Feld & Nelson Freimer Discuss Depression (Facebook Live)

Updated Facebook Live Video featuring 4/4/2017 discussion between Brad Feld (early stage investor and entrepreneur and UCLA's first #DepressionHero) & Nelson Freimer, MD, UCLA scientist leading the Depression Grand Challenge. If you are interested in viewing certain parts of the conversation, please go to the appropriate time marker: 0: Overview of Depression Grand Challenge & UCLA #DepressionHero campaign. 2:25 Discussion with Brad about the decision to come out with depression7:24 Discussion about stigma and range of responses to Brad's sharing of his experience with depression12:00 Discussion about Brad's view of the Depression Grand Challenge14:47 Discussion about importance of educating the future leaders (ages 17-25)--current college students20:48 Nelson responds to viewer Jane's question about the definition of depression. Brad supplements that description by sharing more information about his personal experience with depression. 26:30 Brad shares techniques he uses to manage his depression.32:00 Nelson asks Brent's question about the main avenues by which the Depression Grand Challenge is attempting to alleviate the burden of depression.Watch for our next Facebook Live session on April 20 at 4:30 PM PDT.

Posted by UCLA Grand Challenges on Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) announced its first #DepressionHero on March 27, 2017, recognizing Brad Feld, an American entrepreneur, author, blogger and venture capitalist at Foundry Group. On April 5, 2017, the Tuesday before World Health Day, Brad joined DGC Executive Committee member, Nelson Freimer, for a live conversation and Q&A via Facebook Live. Brad shared about his decision to publicly discuss his own depression, his views of the DGC, and his techniques for managing his depression. The Facebook Live session was a success, with over 5,000 people joining to watch the conversation. Watch the updated Facebook Live Video to learn more.

The DGC will announce the next UCLA #DepressionHero this week – stay tuned!

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