UCLA Depression Grand Challenge Launches iCBT Student Study and Invites Students to Participate

April 12, 2017
Current UCLA Students are invited to Participate in the internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) Study

UCLA is currently recruiting students for an iCBT Study as part of the Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) campus initiative. The iCBT Student Study is the first attempt by the DGC to implement a tiered treatment plan for depressed individuals dependent on severity of symptoms of depression or anxiety. Using an initial online screening tool, participants will be provided appropriate treatment based on the severity of their symptoms. In addition to testing the effectiveness of the screening tool, this study will also provide insight into the effectiveness of the 8-week internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) program, which has been shown previously to reduce symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. To support students completing the 8-week program, the Resilience Peer Network (RPN) has trained certified Resilience Peers who lead weekly support group meetings to support participants as they complete the online treatment program.

Friday, January 6 2017 marked the start of the iCBT Student Study, with the launch of the online screening for students. As of April 2017, 592 students have completed the online screening, and 220 (undergraduate and graduate) students meeting criteria for the study have consented to participate and are now scheduled to start, or are currently enrolled, in the 8-week iCBT program.

This research study is being conducted by Michelle Craske, Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology and Elizabeth Gong-Guy, Ph.D. from the Office of Campus and Student Resilience.

How to Participate

Students interested in participating in the 8-week iCBT for depression and anxiety should complete the participant screening. Participants have the option of receiving peer-to-peer counseling as they complete the iCBT program.

Please visit https://depression.semel.ucla.edu/icbt-student/welcome to learn more or email DGCResiliencePeerNetwork@mednet.ucla.edu for additional information.


The iCBT Student Study fits within the Innovative Treatment Network component of the DGC and functions alongside other Human Studies demonstration projects currently underway.

Conceived in 2012 through the brainstorming efforts of more than 30 UCLA faculty members, the Depression Grand Challenge team now comprises more than 100 researchers from more than 25 academic departments. The Depression Grand Challenge tackles depression through four interrelated approaches:

– A 10-year “100K Person Study,” in which 100,000 people will be studied to discover the underlying genetic, cognitive, social and environmental causes of depression

– Concentrated fundamental research using findings from the 100K Study to understand how depression arises (aka “Discovery Neuroscience”)

– Providing customized state-of-the-art treatment for tens of thousands of study participants and developing new treatments (aka “Innovative Treatment Network”)

– Bringing more attention to depression and eliminating stigma (aka “Awareness and Hope”)


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