Watch Facebook Live session featuring #DepressionHero UBC President Santa J. Ono and Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee Member, Michelle Craske

April 20, 2017
Facebook LIVE Event with UBC President Santa J. Ono & Michelle...

Facebook Live Video featuring 4/20/2017 discussion between Santa J. Ono (President of UBC and 2nd UCLA #DepressionHero) & Michelle Craske, PhD (UCLA scientist leading the Innovative Treatment Network component of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge). If you are interested in viewing certain parts of the conversation, please go to the appropriate time marker: 0.42 Introduction 1:57 President Ono’s shares about his decision to speak openly about his depression 7:36 Discussion about depression stigma and the work that still needs to be done11:27 Discussion about depression research and students at risk for depression 15:16 Professor Craske discusses the DGC and the 100,000 person genetics study including the current pilot project with UCLA students19:38 President Ono and Professor Craske discuss Frank’s question – Are certain students more vulnerable to depression than others? 21:08 President Ono discusses the support he received after opening up about his depression 26:07 Discussion about student concern and activism surrounding depression stigma27:58 Discussion of what UBC campus is doing to reach students with depression30:05 Discussion about suicide and the need to understand warning signs indicative of suicidal thoughts 35:29 President Ono and Professor Craske invite viewers to reach out to UBC or the DGC if they need mental health services

Posted by UCLA Grand Challenges on Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) announced its second #DepressionHero on April 13, 2017, recognizing Santa J. Ono, the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia (UBC). On April 20, 2017, President Ono joined DGC Executive Committee member, Michelle Craske, for a live conversation and Q&A via Facebook Live. President Ono discussed the decision to speak openly about his own depression, his thoughts on the DGC, depression research, students who may be at risk for depression and what the UBC campus is doing in order to reach these students. The Facebook Live session was a success with over 9,000 people joining to watch the conversation. Watch the full Facebook Live Video to learn more.

The DGC will announce the next UCLA #DepressionHero soon – stay tuned!

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