Leslie Rith-Najarian wins UC Grad Slam

May 8, 2017
Leslie Rith-Najarian examined how different marketing techniques influenced men and women to use her mental wellness tool.
University of California

Congratulations to Leslie Rith-Najarian, UCLA Foundation Depression Grand Challenge Fellow and PhD student in the department of psychology at UCLA, for winning the 2017 University of California Grad Slam! UC Grad Slam is an annual contest that highlights graduate student research from the UC’s 10 campuses and awards a winner with a $10,000 prize. In Leslie’s short pitch: “Making mental health more engaging and accessible” she takes on the challenge of better distributing access to research-based online treatment tools.  By changing the name of the program to “Reboot Camp” and the way it is marketed, she was able to increase participation of male students, who were not drawn to the program operating under the name “Happiness Challenge.”  Leslie’s research shows that not only is the content important for helping individuals suffering from anxiety and depression but also that how it is presented may influence who is willing to engage in such treatment.

Watch Leslie’s three minute talk and read more at UCLA Newsroom.

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