Sustainable LA Grand Challenge hosts its first research symposium

May 18, 2017
Symposium attendees participate in the renewable energy breakout session led by Sustainable LA Grand Challenge steering committee member, Richard Wirz (HSSEAS).

On May 17, 2017, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge hosted its first research symposium showcasing more than 30, cross-discipline, Sustainable LA Grand Challenge funded research projects. Organized around the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge’s goals to transition the region towards 100 percent local water, 100 percent renewable energy and enhanced ecosystem health by 2050, researchers provided in-depth presentations on their progress to-date. Researchers of more recently funded projects presented quick snapshots of the projects they plan to embark on. Following the presentations, symposium attendees participated in one of three breakout sessions, which focused on water, renewable energy, or ecosystem health. These sessions provided an opportunity to identify potential gaps and needs in each goal of the areas.

For more information on the research showcased at the symposium, view the complete symposium program online. Over the following academic year, the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge will host subsequent symposia to take a closer look at the water, renewable energy and ecosystem health research.