New York Times features UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

June 7, 2017
In the traveling exhibition “Send Silence Packing,” backpacks represent the more than 1,000 college students who commit suicide each year.
Credit Austin Bachand/Daily News Record, via Associated Press

The New York Times featured the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) in an article highlighting how different colleges are proactively addressing depression on campus. The article mentions Michelle Craske, PhD (psychology and psychiatry professor at UCLA and co-director of the Depression Grand Challenge) along with current progress in the iCBT Student Study and plans for the “100K study” – a 10-year study that will monitor 100,000 people with the goals of identifying the genetic and environmental causes of depression. The iCBT Student Study functions within the Innovative Treatment Network (ITN) component of the DGC and tests a more scalable, customizable approach to treatment.

Already, the DGC has identified 20 students at risk for suicide using the online screening tool for the iCBT Student Study and provided these students with immediate clinical care.

Source: Colleges get proactive in addressing depression on campus The New York Times, 07 June 2017

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