$8.3 million grant from National Science Foundation will help UCLA spread technology behind mini microscope

September 27, 2017
Dr. Peyman Golshani, Daniel Aharoni and UCLA colleagues are making detailed instructions for building the device available to other scientists around the world.
Leigh Hopper/UCLA Health

UCLA researchers score a $8.3 million grant from the National Science Foundations because they have made it possible to literally see inside an animal’s brain with the invention of a tiny microscope. This project has been established through a collaboration among professors Peyman Golshani, Tad Blair, Jason Cong and Alcino Silva, Sotiris Masmanidis and Daniel Aharoni, all of UCLA; and Alipasha Vaziri, a professor at Rockefeller University.  This microscope can be mounted on an animal’s head to measure neurons firing in the brain and memory formation. The grant will enable principal investigator Peyman Golshani and his team to refine the microscope so that it will also monitor how brain regions communicate. In the past, similar microscopes came with exorbitant price tags, which left them out of reach for many researchers.  From the outset, the team has been committed to making their microscope accessible and affordable to the greater scientific community. This contribution to the scientific community has the potential to fuel substantive research findings and deepen our understanding of the brain.

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