Sustainable LA Grand Challenge: Second Leadership Council Meeting Hosted at UCLA

October 11, 2017
Chancellor Gene Block (right) and Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti (left) in conversation during the L.A. Sustainability Leadership Council’s second meeting on October, 11, 2017 hosted at UCLA.
Alex Choy

There was energy in the room as the L.A. Sustainability Leadership Council, co-chaired by Chancellor Gene Block and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, held its second meeting on October 11th this time at UCLA. The meeting highlighted sustainability progress throughout Los Angeles region and sparked ideas around future collaborations across organizations to help reach both Sustainable LA Grand Challenge’s and the City’s aligned sustainability goals. David Wright, the general manager for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, presented a study on how the City will transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for water moving to L.A. Currently, they are projected to reach 65% renewable energy by 2035 and become coal free by 2025. Looking ahead, Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke about how the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge and UCLA’s brain trust will be key in making the 2028 Olympics sustainable and help contribute to the “energy positive” games.

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