Fox News reports on the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge

November 24, 2017

On November 24, 2017, Fox News reported on the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge’s (DGC) efforts to eradicate depression by the end of the century. In the news segment, Claudia Cowan, a FOX News Channel (FNC) San Francisco-based correspondent, reports on the 100k study and interviews Dr. Nelson Freimer, director of the DGC. The study is designed to unlock the genetic, cognitive and environmental causes of depression and at capacity will involve 100,000 volunteers. “We don’t want to make it so that people don’t ever have sadness or aren’t ever blue but we want to have it so that it no longer robs people of their lives,” said Dr. Freimer. UCLA is the first campus to undertake a campus wide effort to eradicate a disease.

Watch the video on Fox News.