Zócalo/UCLA panel focused on what can be done to solve the depression crisis

December 12, 2017
Darcy Gruttadaro, Dr. Jonathan Flint, Rhonda Robinson Beale, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, and Anna Gorman discuss depression.
Aaron Salcido/Zócalo Public Square

Zócalo Public Square and UCLA held an event titled “How Can We Reverse the Depression Epidemic?” on December 11, 2017. Esteemed panelists included:

– Gene Block (UCLA Chancellor)

– Jonathan Flint (UCLA behavioral geneticist, expert in the genetic determinants of depression and Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee team member)

– Anna Gorman (Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News)

– Darcy Gruttadaro (Director of the American Psychiatric Foundation’s Center for Workplace Mental Health)

– Rhonda Robinson Beale (Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at Blue Cross of Idaho)

Source: Depression Isn’t Just a Global Epidemic. It’s a Silent One. Zócalo Public Square, 12 Dec 2017


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