Chancellor Block shares information about his personal interest about neuroscience and information about Depression Grand Challenge

January 31, 2018
Gene Block is the chancellor of UCLA. This column appeared in the January 2018 issue of UCLA Magazine.
Ted Catanzaro/UCLA

“In humans, brain science poses arguably the greatest challenge of any field in contemporary science.” – UCLA Chancellor Block

Chancellor Block has supported Depression Grand Challenge efforts from the get-go. In a recent article featured by UCLA Newsroom, Chancellor Block described his personal interest in neuroscience and the amount that is still unknown. The lack of understanding about depression, which affects 350 million individuals, was a key factor in UCLA deciding to take on this Grand Challenge. He referenced the recent commitment to offer mental health screening and treatment to all incoming students via the Depression Grand Challenge Innovative Treatment Network student iCBT study.

“We began offering voluntary screening and treatment for depression to the entire incoming freshman class. We believe no other university has ever attempted anything of this type or on this scale. In the months and years to come, we will make these screenings available to the entire UCLA community.”

The Depression Grand Challenge screened over 3,000 students for current mood disorder symptoms in 2017 alone. Chancellor Block is has made it a campus priority to stand against depression so that UCLA can address this big societal problem.

“This type of work is our duty as a public university, particularly one that emphasizes service and civic engagement with our community. Watching our students lean in to do their part in the Depression Grand Challenge makes me confident our work will continue well into the next generation. I have no doubt we are on the right path.”

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