Professor Alex Hall will bike the California coastline as part of an effort to engage people on fighting climate change

February 16, 2018
UCLA professor Alex Hall will embark on a 1,000-mile bike tour down the California coast to raise money for climate change research and engage in dialogue with decision makers across the state about what can be done to plan for climate impacts.
UCLA/UCLA Newsroom

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Professor Alex Hall, who heads the UCLA Center for Climate Science, and whose climate research served as the impetus for much of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge goals will lead a 1,000-mile bike ride along the California coastline from Arcata to Los Angeles this summer with forty other riders. His mission: to engage the public on the real-life effects of climate change through education and discovery. Along the journey, experts from government, universities, and local non-profits will join Hall to discuss issues such as water scarcity and ecological impacts from recent fires as they ride through areas in California impacted by climate change. Hall, a member of UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability and a steering committee member of the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC), will have the chance to share knowledge gained from his SLA GC funded projects on future regional precipitation trends and changes in snowpack (and water availability) during drought. It is also an opportunity for Hall and the other riders to learn how communities throughout California are reducing their carbon footprint and alleviating pressure on local resources. Hall said he is excited about how the trip could inspire future research. The three-week California Climate Expedition, put on by the non-profit organization OnePulse in partnership with Hall’s UCLA Center for Climate Science, will raise money for the center’s climate research.

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