Times Higher Education features UCLA’s Report on University-Led Grand Challenges

February 17, 2018
Yes we can: among the grand challenges that researchers in the US, the UK and elsewhere are being asked to address are cures for cancer and making Los Angeles a sustainable city

A Times Higher Education article written by Rachael Pells featured UCLA’s recently released Report on University-Led Grand Challenges. The article acknowledges the efforts of 20 higher education institutions within the United States and Canada currently pursuing grand challenge programs, and examines strategies and recommendations for leading successful grand challenges detailed in the report. UCLA is the first university to carry out institutional “moon shots” with two grand challenge initiatives in progress and, hence, has taken the lead in advising other universities interested in beginning their own grand challenge programs. Pells interviewed Michelle Popowitz (UCLA Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Co-Founder for UCLA Grand Challenges) on the benefits of pursuing solutions on such a large scale. “By planning to work together up front towards a common goal and framing research so that it fits together, we expect to have faster results,” said Popowitz. In addition to highlighting approaches from a few U.S. universities (University of California, Los Angeles, Indiana University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin), and key ingredients for success, Pells notes a trend of the U.K.’s biggest charities restructuring priorities in recent years, emphasizing tackling bigger challenges over longer periods and moving away from the traditional model of handing out smaller grants for shorter time frames.

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