Los Angeles Sustainable Water Project: Los Angeles City-Wide Overview

February 28, 2018
Water flowing through the Los Angeles River in downtown Los Angeles
Alexandria Choy/ UCLA

On February 28, 2018, UCLA released a new water report that shows that if Los Angeles captures more local stormwater, increases its use of recycled water, steps up conservation measures, and cleans up groundwater then it could meet the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge’s goal of 100-percent locally sourced water.

Learn more about the report findings in the recent UCLA Newsroom article written by Asma Mahdi, Communications & Public Relations Manager for the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.

The study is intended to serve as a powerful tool for decision makers and stakeholders who are set to plan LA’s sustainable water future.

This study is part of a series of Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Integrated Water Management reports, including the Dominguez Channel and Machado Lake and the Los Angeles River Watershed. These reports along with the Ballona Creek Watershed Report help provide a path forward for the region to reach the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge’s ambitious goal of 100% local water in L.A. County by 2050.

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The research team included UCLA associate vice chancellor for environment and sustainability Mark Gold, UCLA postdoctoral scholar Katie Mika, California State University Sacramento research engineer Erik Porse, professor Terri Hogue of the Colorado School of Mines (CSM),  UCLA professor Stephanie Pincetl and Elizabeth Gallo of CSM.