Michelle Craske (UCLA Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee member) presents at TEDxUCLA

April 8, 2018
UCLA Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee member, Michelle Craske, PhD, presenting on the TEDxUCLA stage about the university’s goal to understand, prevent, and treat depression.

On April 7, 2018, Michelle Craske, PhD (Executive Committee member of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge) delivered a powerful talk about depression and the Depression Grand Challenge at the seventh annual TEDxUCLA conference. TEDx is a program of local, independently organized events that bring people together to share experiences in the form of short, compelling talks. 

Michelle began the talk with a personal story about her connection to mental health disorders and why she has dedicated her life to developing effective treatments for those with mental health diseases.  She emphasized how current views of depression ultimately contribute to insufficient funding allocated for research and treatment, people being hesitant to seek help, and people failing to stick with treatment.  She reminded the audience that similar views were once held 20 or so years ago when the topic of cancer was discussed.  Michelle challenged the audience to accept depression as a disease to be addressed and not as a condition to hide.  Michelle closed her talk with highlights about the Depression Grand Challenge’s efforts and the hope that the massive research endeavor offers on campus and beyond.

Watch Michelle Craske’s TEDx Talk.