Water research led by UCLA faculty describes economic benefits of local water in Los Angeles

May 21, 2018
Spreading grounds, like the one in Pacoima, are one of the cheapest ways to replenish LA basins and increase local water supplies, the study found.
Chris Yarzab/Flickr

UCLA Newsroom featured a story about new research findings published in Nature Sustainability. The study shows that having Los Angeles operating on 100 percent local water makes economic sense. Authors on the study include:


Erik Porse (Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and California State University, Sacramento: Office of Water Programs)
Katie Mika (Institute of the Environment and Sustainability)
Mark Gold (Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and Sustainable LA Grand Challenge)
Stephanie Pincetl (California Center for Sustainable Communities)

University of Utah

Elizaveta Litvak (Department of Biology)
Diane E. Pataki (Department of Biology)

Colorado School of Mines

Kimberly F. Manago (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Terri S. Hogue (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Read more at UCLA Newsroom and Nature Sustainability.

For related project funded under the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge: Systems Analysis and Modeling of Local Water Supplies in Los Angeles, please visit the Sustainable LA Research Portal.