Recipient of Sustainable LA Grand Challenge internal funding receives additional funding for a follow on project related to consumer water management

June 5, 2018

UCLA researcher, Gonzalo Cortés from UCLA Samueli School of Engineering’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, in partnership with Patrick Atwater, executive director of ARGO Labs (Applied Research in Government Operations) received a Metropolitan Water District Innovative Conservation Program (MWD ICP) grant on May 31, 2018. Their project proposes to incorporate water evaporation and plant transpiration (evapotranspiration) estimates into a publicly available tool that will enable homeowners to model how much water they could save by switching from grass to native landscaping. This tool will allow residents to better visualize the benefits of re-landscaping and help bring communities closer to new conservation goals.

This project builds on current Sustainable LA Grand Challenge research on evapotranspiration modeling. The award announcements is timely given the passage of two water bills, signed by Governor Jerry Brown at the end of May 2018 that set statewide water efficiency standards.

Visit the Sustainable LA GC Research Portal to learn more about Cortés’ current research.