UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation is a partner on two teams that were awarded a total of $4.1 M for building climate resilience in disadvantaged communities

August 9, 2018
Rising temperatures in Los Angeles are causing concern over the heat related impacts of climate change.
UCLA Newsroom

The Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI) was part of two winning partnership grants totaling $4.1M awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council. The grants aim to build climate resilience in disadvantaged communities. Continue reading to learn more about the two funded projects.

Measuring the Impacts of Climate Change on Vulnerable Communities to Design and Target Protective Policies

The first grant, led by LCI, awards nearly $1.5 million to study the heat related impacts of climate change, including how climate change may exacerbate current inequality by disproportionately affecting low income communities. The research team will create tools that help government agencies target their response to climate change, lessening inequality.

Climate Smart Communities Consortium

The second partnership grant led by UC Davis,is a $2.6M grant to better understand the environmental impacts of the transportation sector, focusing on strategies to reduce emissions and increase mobility in vulnerable communities.

Funding for both grants comes from California’s Strategic Growth Council’s Climate Change Research Program, which invests money from California’s cap-and trade program into combating climate change and improving public health.

Read more on the LCI website.