Enhancements to student assessment program – UCLA STAND

September 28, 2018

Beginning in 2017, UCLA rolled out a student survey and treatment program. This program was refined and rebranded as STAND over the Summer of 2018. Through the Depression Grand Challenge’s (DGC) Screening and Treatment for Anxiety and Depression (STAND) program, UCLA students have access to the Mental Health Tracker (formerly the Check In Survey).  This is a 5-10 minute survey that assesses whether students are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, providing that feedback in real time. After viewing this personalized feedback, students may immediately register for a free treatment study tailored to their needs, or come back and login to use the tracker as often as every two weeks.

Since offering this type of service, almost 5,000 students have participated in the program, with nearly 800 of them enrolling in a treatment study. The DGC is on the front lines of students’ mental health at UCLA, addressing the large demand for mental health resources on campus and providing these services free of charge, making them accessible to all registered students.

For more information about the DGC’s STAND Program and Mental Health Tracker, please visit https://grandchallenges.ucla.edu/depression/approach/student-study/.