UCLA Professors Neil Berg and David Neelin quoted in laist article about rainfall in Los Angeles

October 5, 2018
Los Angeles got four inches of rain last year, making October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018 the third driest year on record.

Neil Berg, associate director of UCLA’s Center for Climate Science, and David Neelin, professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at UCLA, were quoted in an article by laist about rainfall in Los Angeles. In the article, Professor Neelin and Professor Berg explained that climate change will likely cause increasingly volatile weather patterns in future decades, resulting in extremely wet years followed by abnormally dry years. Professor Neelin explained why climate change can lead to instances of extreme precipitation noting that, “In a warmer climate, there is more water vapor in the atmosphere… When a storm gets going, air converges at low levels carrying more water vapor with it. With more vapor to dump out, the result is more rainfall.”

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