UCLA’s Jessica Cattelino praises UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 focused on water in local communities, women specifically

January 22, 2019

In an article about Sustainable Development Goal #6 (SDG 6), which strives for sanitary water for all, Professor Jessica Cattelino (associate professor in the department of anthropology at UCLA) praises the approach which emphasizes the importance of engaging local communities and women specifically around improving water and sanitation management.  

SDG 6 is important because the United Nations predicts that by 2025, “two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stress conditions.”  Cattelino points out that calling out these groups represents a departure, as previous efforts focused on “stakeholders” and excluded references to special needs of women and girls. The article was published in the Journal of the American Anthropological Association.

Interest in gender and water use is not new for Professor Cattelino.  She is conducting research on gender and residential water use in Los Angeles through a project funded by the SLA GC.  Read more at SLA GC’s Research Portal.