Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Research Symposium: Los Angeles County Natural and Urban Ecosystems

January 29, 2019

On Monday, February 25, 2019 the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC) will host its fourth research symposium. The symposium will focus on research and actions aimed at improving ecosystem health and ensuring access and enjoyment of open space for all Angelenos by 2050.

Researchers and practitioners will present on:

Critical Ecosystems and Land Use Assessments

Conservation Genomics

Biodiversity Monitoring

Biodiversity Management

Community Health and Wellbeing

Community Access and Outreach

Over the past four years, the SLA GC has brought together researchers from across the university and fostered collaborations with regional partners to address the key goals of the grand challenge: 100% renewable energy, 100% local water, and enhanced ecosystem health. Previous SLA GC symposia explored, energy, water, and all SLA GC research.

For more information about the symposium, please visit the event site.