Washington Post issue contains article about the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

March 12, 2019

UCLA sponsored content about the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC) in the March 12, 2019 issue of The Washington Post. The article highlights how the City of Los Angeles is incorporating technologies developed by the campus to increase renewable energy, maximize local water supplies and enhance ecosystem health.

The article references research and quotes from the following members of the UCLA community:

Yoram Cohen Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
J.R. DeShazo Chair and Professor of the Department of Public Policy and Director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
Mark Gold Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability and leader of the SLA GC
Alex Hall Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Eric Hoek Professor of Environmental Engineering and Program Director for the Industrial Affiliates Program
Richard Kaner Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Shaily Mahendra Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering
Yifang Zhu Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Associate Dean For Academic Programs in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

J.R. DeShazo argues that City and statewide processes that have already been implemented demonstrate how more local initiatives can, and do, catalyze novel solutions that are scaled for broader impact. In other words, cities are urban laboratories for tackling issues.

Source: Model metropolis: How one university’s environmental initiative is transforming Los Angeles—and setting the standard for sustainability efforts around the world Washington Post, 12 March 2019

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