UCLA Energy Atlas 2.0 released and features expanded data

August 1, 2019

In 2015, the California Center for Sustainable Communities (CCSC) at UCLA released the L.A. Energy Atlas project, a first-of-its-kind interactive website that enables policymakers and the public to sort energy consumption and emissions by building size, neighborhood and other metrics like sociodemographic data. The 2.0 version (released August 2019) now includes information about buildings’ capacity for solar power in the County.  

Los Angeles at night. (Photo credit: Angelin Song/Flickr )

The updated atlas will help policy makers target the necessary retrofits to make the built environment become as energy efficient as possible. Stephanie Pincetl, director of the CCSC, said she also envisions the atlas to support an equitable transition to sustainable technologies across communities so that “disadvantaged communities can participate equally…” The CCSC’s work “aims to increase the potential that everyone will be benefited by this shift to a post-carbon energy system.”

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