New technique developed by UCLA researchers offers promise of improved filtration processes

August 20, 2019

UCLA researchers have developed a new technique for creating membrane filters. This has important uses for deriving drinkable water from seawater, treating wastewater and conducting kidney dialysis. 

UCLA postdoctoral scholar Brian McVerry and doctoral student Mackenzie Anderson examine an ultra-thin membrane film on a glass plate used in the T-FLO process. (Photo credit: Marc Roseboro/UCLA)

A study describing this new method, called thin-film liftoff or T-FLO, was published in Nano Letters. This new technique allows manufacturers to produce more effective and energy-efficient membranes. Before this new technique was identified, manufacturers were limited in what materials could be used to create the membrane.

The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge (SLA GC) was one of several supporters of this work. See related SLA GC research project. Read more at UCLA Newsroom.