UCLA Luskin analysis of California water systems will help ensure clean drinking water

September 17, 2019

UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation will conduct a statewide water needs analysis of the systems that provide drinking water to Californians. The analysis, which is funded by a $3 million contract with the California State Water Resources Board, will help ensure access to clean and affordable drinking water across the state of California.

Currently, around 400 water systems statewide are noncompliant with quality or affordability standards. The results of the analysis will help inform the use of funds from SB 200, a state bill aimed at expanding access to clean water in disadvantaged communities.

According to UCLA’s analyses on historical water quality trends for the L.A. County sustainability plan and the soon-to-be released Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Environmental Report Card on Water for L.A. County, several communities in L.A. need meaningful improvements to their water infrastructure to ensure that drinking water is healthy and reliable. The county’s plan calls for zero public drinking water systems in L.A. County violating maximum contaminant levels by 2045.

Luskin’s partners include the University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center, Corona Environmental Consulting, Cal State Sacramento’s Office of Water Programs and the nonprofit Pacific Institute.

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