On KCRW, Hall says get involved or prepare for Phoenix-like summers in California

September 23, 2019

Alex Hall, professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and director of the UCLA Center for Climate Science, was interviewed on KCRW’s Greater LA podcast about the potential future impacts of climate change on Southern California.

In the segment, Hall explained that Los Angeles residents should expect to see temperature increases on averages of three to four degrees Fahrenheit by mid-century. If greenhouse emissions increase further, Los Angeles will see that “the winters would become much more like the spring and fall, and the spring and fall we have now will become much more like summer, and our summers would become something…much closer to Phoenix.”

Hall advises Angelenos to “…get involved in politics if we want to make changes” and use environmentally friendly transportation methods.

Listen to the full segment.

Hall’s climate research served as an impetus for much of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge goals. See his related Sustainable LA Grand Challenge research project.