During Zócalo Public Square interview, UCLA’s Sean Hecht encourages people to vote in order to combat climate change

November 13, 2019

Prior to joining a July 2019 Zócalo/UCLA panel about the future of California’s coasts, Sean Hecht, co-executive director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA Law, sat down for an interview with Zócalo Public Square.

In addition to sharing a few fun facts about himself, Hecht encouraged people to combat climate change by voting: “Vote for people who have good policies, and then tell them why it’s important to uphold those policies,” Hecht said. “Not that people can’t make a difference as individuals, but the real change, sadly, doesn’t come from the choices that you and I make in our daily lives; it comes from policies that we support.”

Read the full interview at Zócalo Public Square for fun facts about Sean Hecht. Also see the post about the July 2019 panel titled, “What Will California’s Coastline Look Like in 2100?”