UCLA’s Stephanie Pincetl part of leadership team awarded NSF funds to study urban trees

November 18, 2019

Stephanie Pincetl, director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities and professor-in-residence at the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IoES), will be a co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation pilot project to study urban trees. Darrel Jenerette, a professor and landscape biologist at University of California, Riverside, is lead principal investigator.

Municipalities are increasingly looking to urban trees to provide ecosystem services, such as heat reduction, as temperatures rise. However, managing trees as “living infrastructure” presents different challenges than managing traditional infrastructure. The project seeks to fill major knowledge gaps in our understanding of the effectiveness and capacity of urban trees to provide the intended ecosystem services. It will also assess the ability of municipal institutions to manage urban trees to achieve climate goals.

Researchers hope to use project results to directly address the needs of municipalities and tree planting initiatives by sharing results with urban land management and forestry professionals.

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