UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation report finds moving to all-electric buildings is a win for climate and workers

November 21, 2019

A new report from the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation examines the workforce implications of transitioning 100% of California’s existing and new buildings to clean electricity and offers recommendations for workforce planning and engagement around building decarbonization.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Lead author Betony Jones (principal researcher for Inclusive Economics and consultant to UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation) referenced the report in an editorial piece co-written with Rachel Golden (deputy director of building electrification at the Sierra Club) for The Los Angeles Daily News. The report, “…found that electrifying and retrofitting California’s 14 million homes and 8 billion square feet of commercial buildings could be a boon for the workforce – supporting close to 120,000 full-time workers annually, mostly in the construction industry.”

Other authors included Jason Karpman (UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation staff researcher) and independent researchers Molly Chlebnikow and Alexis Goggans.

Read the editorial at Los Angeles Daily News and find the report on the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation website.