UCLA’s Dana Cuff discusses the future of Los Angeles on Spectrum News 1 documentary

December 10, 2019

Dana Cuff, director of UCLA cityLAB, was interviewed on the Spectrum News 1 documentary Vision 2030: The Future of SoCal. The documentary takes a deep dive into Los Angeles County’s most pressing issues and how they will impact the future of the region, such as transportation, affordable housing and the environment. 

Dana Cuff. Photo courtesy of UCLA cityLAB

“I think this current condition that we are in is that we have so big of a crisis, particularly around housing and around the environment, that it’s pushed people in a protectionist stance,” Cuff said.

Watch the full documentary at Spectrum News 1 (Cuff speaks around the 7-minute mark, and again around the 23-minute and 42-minute marks).