Team Member Spotlight Series: Jonathan Flint, MD

February 3, 2020

Jonathan Flint, MD

Professor in Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
UCLA Depression Grand Challenge Executive Committee Member

Research Focus

Jonathan Flint is focused on trying to understand the genetic basis of depression – specifically the relationship between the environmental contributors and genetic factors that lead to depression. It is now possible to closely track and gain a deeper understanding of the genetic aspects of depression utilizing cutting-edge technology. The causes of depression, environmental components and genetic factors may differ for each person. Understanding the causes of depression will enable progress towards the ultimate goal of improving existing treatments to be more effective and individualized.  

DGC Connection

Jonathan Flint serves on the Executive Committee for the Depression Grand Challenge and he has shaped the 100K study component. Jonathan is inspired by the scale of the DGC and credits UCLA as the only university to think on an appropriate scale – both in terms of the size of the 100K Study and the campus-wide engagement towards the initiative. Depression is a disease that relates to many disciplines, and a solution requires collaboration between experts in all fields. Jonathan believes that it is especially notable that UCLA has brought people from such a wide variety of fields together to work on the Depression Grand Challenge. There is noticeable unity within the DGC, from the Chancellor himself to the scientists conducting research.


Jonathan enjoys hiking to enjoy the scenery of the nearby coast and mountains.

“Treatment is like throwing darts at a dartboard while wearing a blindfold. You’re blindly shooting at a target. You’d be more successful if you knew the causes of depression, and you’d have more effective treatments for each individual person.”

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