UCLA researchers weigh in on cities’ efforts to reduce traffic

February 27, 2020

As cities across the country reevaluate the role of automobiles, UCLA researchers were quoted in recent media stories about efforts to fix congested streets.

Photo source: Pixabay

Donald Shoup, distinguished research professor in the Department of Urban Planning, and his research were mentioned in a Curbed San Francisco article about San Francisco’s recent proposed traffic and transit reforms. The story acknowledges the role that Shoup’s book The High Cost of Free Parking has had in pushing cities like San Francisco to charge more for parking and shaping driving behavior.  

UCLA researchers have also been interviewed on the rising prominence of car bans in congested urban spaces. Martin Wachs, a transportation historian in UCLA’s Department of Urban Planning, and Jacob Wasserman, a researcher at UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies, were extensively quoted in a feature story about car bans in Mashable.

Car bans have been implemented on streets in New York City, San Francisco and Seattle, and Los Angeles is exploring the feasibility of a car ban on downtown’s Broadway. “We are in a period of awakening over safety, quality of life, and the nature of our physical environment,” Wachs said. 

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