UCLA Depression Grand Challenge is honored to be a partner in Kenneth Cole’s Mental Health Coalition

May 15, 2020

The UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) is honored to be a partner of the Mental Health Coalition (MHC). The coalition was convened by social activist and fashion icon Kenneth Cole in order to draw attention to and address the stigma associated with mental health conditions. The MHC includes nonprofits, businesses, brands, celebrities, and influencers.

The coalition is using the above mark for its visual identity. The symbol of a square peg in a round hole represents the universal feeling of not fitting in. By working together to end the stigma against mental illness, the MHC imagines a world where everyone fits.

This MHC’s vision for the future closely aligns with the DGC’s ambitions to understand and end the stigma and prejudice surrounding depression. Awareness and hope (including a world free from stigma) is an integral part of the DGC’s approach as UCLA sees stigma as a contributing cause for insufficient funding allocated for research and treatment and people’s openness to seek and adhere to treatment. The DGC looks forward to collaborating with coalition members in order to destigmatize mental health conditions and shift conversations surrounding mental health.

Learn more on the Mental Health Coalition website and the Coalition’s #HowAreYouReallyChallenge.