California’s agreement with automakers shows state’s influence: UCLA Law’s Julia Stein

August 17, 2020

Julia Stein (project director for the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the UCLA School of Law) was quoted in CalMatters about the finalization of a deal between five automakers and California’s clean air enforcers to curb car emissions. The car companies agreed to meet California’s requirements for car and pickup truck emissions nationwide, rather than follow the looser federal standards. 

Nabeel Syed/Unsplash

“It’s a continued recognition of California’s role as a lead player in this space, and the importance of California as a vehicle market and as a leader nationally in emissions reductions,” Stein said. 

The deal is the culmination of a year’s efforts to uphold California’s emission standards as the current administration has unraveled Obama-era fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards. 

Read the full story in CalMatters.

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