UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation research supports study published by California State Water Board regarding path to clean water for all Californians

April 13, 2021

A new study (PDF) published by the California State Water Board and supported by UCLA research identifies a risk for failure among a significant portion of the state’s small and medium-sized public water systems. The report is the first comprehensive analysis of how clean water is provided in California, and it estimates how much it would actually cost to deliver safe water to every resident.

Image Source: California State Water Resources Control Board

The research was a collaboration between the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, the water board’s Needs Analysis Unit, Corona Environmental Consulting, Sacramento State University’s Office of Water Programs, the Pacific Institute and the University of North Carolina’s Environmental Finance Center.

“Illuminating the extent of at-risk water systems is an important step,” said Gregory Pierce, the study’s principal investigator and an associate director at the Luskin Center for Innovation. “By more fully understanding the issues, we can move to more resilient and accessible water sources.”

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Study authors from UCLA:

Gregory Pierce, professor of urban planning, associate director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

Peter Roquemore, assistant project manager, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

Kelly Trumbull, researcher, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation