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UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation study explains how consumers can be encouraged to conserve energy during peak periods

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation has developed new research identifying how effective certain incentives can be in motivating people to use less energy in their homes. As customers are often encouraged by electricity providers to reduce consumption in order to prevent blackouts, the researchers found that promotional messages actually prove effective at motivating customers […]

UCLA’s Julia Stein comments in Bloomberg Law regarding electric vehicle infrastructure and environmental justice concerns

Julia Stein (project director for the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the UCLA School of Law) was quoted in a Bloomberg Law story about President Joe Biden’s vow to create massive electric vehicle infrastructure nationwide. Advocates are examining the need for the electrification revolution to make ample space for fence line […]

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain quoted widely on California’s ongoing drought

Daniel Swain (climate scientist with the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability) was quoted in a number of news outlets providing his perspective on California’s recent and ongoing drought issues. As drought conditions worsen for California residents, scientists emphasized that these conditions may be the new normal. The latest report from the federal drought […]

UCLA researchers part of team that outlines tough prospects turtles face for survival

UCLA conservation geneticist Brad Shaffer comments in a new study that turtles are facing a grim future due to rising sea levels. An expansive phylogenetic tree reveals clues about the animals’ past and future, and the paper highlights one of the most complete phylogenetic trees ever created for any major animal group. Phylogenetic trees are branching diagrams that show […]