UBC President Santa J. Ono is UCLA’s Second #DepressionHero

About President Santa J. Ono

Santa J. Ono is the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia (UBC). Before serving as UBC’s president and vice-chancellor, Santa J. Ono earned his BA in Biological Science at the University of Chicago and his PhD in Experimental Medicine at McGill University. He then worked as a professor of Medicine and Biology
at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University College London and Emory universities. His principal research interests focus on the immune system and eye disease.

Why He’s a #DepressionHero

UCLA recognizes President Ono for sharing his personal struggles with depression with his campus community. By doing so, he showed the students at UBC and elsewhere that they are not alone and that there is hope. Read more

Current UCLA Students are invited to Participate in the internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) Study

UCLA is currently recruiting students for an iCBT Study as part of the Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) campus initiative. The iCBT Student Study is the first attempt by the DGC to implement a tiered treatment plan for depressed individuals dependent on severity of symptoms of depression or anxiety. Using an initial online screening tool, participants will be Read more

Rosie Chapman works on Facebook at her home in Orlando, Florida.
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UCLA researchers discover that internet searching triggers key brain areas that control complex reasoning, among middle-aged and older adults. Gary Small, professor at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and principal investigator, reports that searching the internet may promote healthy brain function during aging. In the study, one group of the participants had no search engine experience, while the other group had some search engine experience. Read more

Pediatric neurosurgeon Aria Fallah practices a brain surgery using virtual reality, one of the newest techniques in the field.
(Kristie-Valerie Hoang/Daily Bruin)

UCLA doctors employ several cutting-edge technologies to treat patients with neurological conditions. Pediatric neurosurgeon Aria Fallah reports practicing surgeries utilizing virtual reality, which allows him to become familiar with 3-D scans of each patient’s brain before surgery. Fallah also uses laser technology to prevent collateral damage for surgeries that pose a high risk to the surrounding brain tissue. At Ronald Reagan Hospital, several doctors also utilize deep-brain stimulation to Read more

Watch Facebook Live session featuring #DepressionHero Brad Feld and the Director of the Depression Grand Challenge, Nelson Freimer

Brad Feld & Nelson Freimer Discuss Depression (Facebook Live)

Updated Facebook Live Video featuring 4/4/2017 discussion between Brad Feld (early stage investor and entrepreneur and UCLA's first #DepressionHero) & Nelson Freimer, MD, UCLA scientist leading the Depression Grand Challenge. If you are interested in viewing certain parts of the conversation, please go to the appropriate time marker: 0: Overview of Depression Grand Challenge & UCLA #DepressionHero campaign. 2:25 Discussion with Brad about the decision to come out with depression7:24 Discussion about stigma and range of responses to Brad's sharing of his experience with depression12:00 Discussion about Brad's view of the Depression Grand Challenge14:47 Discussion about importance of educating the future leaders (ages 17-25)--current college students20:48 Nelson responds to viewer Jane's question about the definition of depression. Brad supplements that description by sharing more information about his personal experience with depression. 26:30 Brad shares techniques he uses to manage his depression.32:00 Nelson asks Brent's question about the main avenues by which the Depression Grand Challenge is attempting to alleviate the burden of depression.Watch for our next Facebook Live session on April 20 at 4:30 PM PDT.

Posted by UCLA Grand Challenges on Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) announced its first #DepressionHero on March 27, 2017, recognizing Brad Feld, an American entrepreneur, author, blogger and venture capitalist at Foundry Group. On April 5, 2017, the Tuesday before World Health Day, Brad joined DGC Executive Committee member, Nelson Freimer, for a live conversation and Q&A via Facebook Live. Read more