On November 24, 2017, Fox News reported on the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge’s (DGC) efforts to eradicate depression by the end of the century. In the news segment, Claudia Cowan, a FOX News Channel (FNC) San Francisco-based correspondent, reports on the 100k study and interviews Dr. Nelson Freimer, director of the DGC. The study is designed to unlock the genetic, Read more

Sam Emaminejad receives NARSAD grant for research on molecular biomarkers for depression

Congratulations to Sam Emaminejad, assistant professor in the Electrical Engineering department at UCLA, for receiving a NARSAD grant from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.  The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation recognizes scientists that are considered game-changers in the field of mental health research. In the past NARSAD grant recipients have gone on to shape Read more

Famous UCLA alum Sara Bareilles shares her support for the Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) in the form of a video appeal. Sara not only speaks about her own depression, but she also shares the DGC mission and advocates for our research. In the video, she calls for others to get involved and share their stories about depression. By speaking out, you are helping unlock the mysteries of Read more

In the videos, a Latina nurse-therapist named Veronica provides basic information about depression and anxiety, therapeutic exercises and how to seek help.
UCLA Nursing video

UCLA Nursing professor, MarySue Heilemann, has found that culturally tailored multimedia directed toward Latina women may be an effective method to encourage these women to seek help for depression and anxiety. Heilemann collaborated with a Latino screenwriter-director to create short videos that tell the story of a fictional Latina woman and her journey managing symptoms of Read more