APPLY NOW: How UCLA Graduate Student Entrepreneurs Can Pave the Way for a Cleaner Future

Graduate students interested in entrepreneurship can now turn their new ideas and technologies into active business models through two independent funding opportunities with deadlines at the end of this month: Caltech’s FLoW program (open to UCLA students) and the University of California’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. See funding opportunity information below.

Caltech’s FLoW initiative at the Resnick Sustainability Institute is aimed to seed-fund emerging ideas that can present solutions in the realm of science, energy, and sustainability. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Read more

California needs is a water infrastructure vulnerability assessment that includes dams, aqueducts and coastal aquifers. This assessment must be used to develop a priority list for retrofits and construction.
Hector Amezcua hamezcua@sacbee.com

California has seen an unusual winter with increased storm activity in both its Northern and Southern regions. This has raised an alarm for the state’s dated-infrastructure as is the case with the unfolding situation of Oroville Dam. In an Op-Ed for the Sacramento Bee, Alex Hall, UCLA atmospheric and oceanic professor, and Mark Gold, associate vice chancellor for environment and Read more

The California Department of Water Resources stopped the spillway flow on Thursday morning to allow engineers to evaluate the integrity of the structure after water had been released at 20,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) through the night. There is no imminent or expected treat to public safety or the integrity of Oroville Dam at the Butte County site. After conferring with State and federal dam safety entitles, DWR decided to increase the release volume to 35,000 cfs to help operators absorb the inflow of the storm waters expected today and Friday. More erosion is also expected.
Photo taken February 9, 2017. Kelly M. Grow/ California Department of Water Resources KELLY M. GROW/CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES

Mark Gold, UCLA Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, sat down with KPCC’s Take Two to discuss the Oroville Dam and the role of climate change in the future of infrastructure. Gold leads the university’s Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, which aims to achieve 100% renewable energy and 100% locally sourced water, while enhancing ecosystem  Read more

Landscaping around the Luskin Conference Center features California-friendly, drought-tolerant plants. A satellite weather controller governs the minimal irrigation required.
Jamie Kripke/UCLA

The new UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center features a sustainable design without sacrificing beauty, serving as a role model for LEED-certified green buildings in the Los Angeles area. Features of the center include maximized natural light, drought-tolerant plants, and a satellite weather controller that governs irrigation. UCLA environmental economist, Magali Delmas, Read more

Mountain lion P-22 is seen prowling Griffith Park in a remote photo.
Miguel Ordenana

P-22, Griffith Park’s most famous mountain lion, has been very lucky so far. Survival for these predators is rare in the Los Angeles region. The small, eight-square mile park where P-22 resides has no connection to other wilderness areas and is extensively visited by humans, leaving many species with no choice but to adapt to urban life. Biologists hope that wilderness corridors will connect Read more