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Increasing the number of electric vehicles is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in L.A. and other cities. A recent paper published in Environmental Research Letter by Deepak Rajagopal (associate professor in the Institute of Environment and Sustainability at UCLA) and Amol Phadke (Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories) argues that policymakers could expand the climate benefits of electric vehicles by directing government subsidies toward the cars that spend the most time on the road – such as taxis, and vehicles used for Uber and Lyft.

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Spreading grounds, like the one in Pacoima, are one of the cheapest ways to replenish LA basins and increase local water supplies, the study found.
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UCLA Newsroom featured a story about new research findings published in Nature Sustainability. The study shows that having Los Angeles operating on 100 percent local water makes economic sense. Authors on the study include: Read more