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Side-blotched lizards, pictured above, were one of seven species studied by UCLA researchers investigating genetic variation in the Santa Monica Mountains. Results on how much variation occurs in different areas and species can have major implications on conservation planning.

A team of UCLA researchers, including Ryan Harrigan from the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and Robert Wayne and Thomas Smith from the department of ecology and evolutionary biology teamed up with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and Heal the Bay to look at the genetic diversity and environmental variation in seven Los Angeles Read more

A wet winter is good for plants and trees, but bad for pollen allergy sufferers.

The unusually pronounced rainy season which struck California earlier this year earned praise from environmental advocates, who celebrated the storm’s contributions to alleviating the state’s multi-year long drought. However, UCLA Professor of Medicine Andre Nel recently highlighted a more negative development associated with Read more

Jessica Lynch Alfaro, an anthropology associate professor, said if an opossum gets hit by a car, sometimes the babies in the pouch survive and may be fostered by people. In Los Angeles, it is a more common practice to take them to the California Wildlife Center.
(Courtesy of Jessica Lynch Alfaro)

With a prize of $225,000 from the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, UCLA researchers will survey residents and study mammals such as squirrels, raccoons and possums in a three-part study starting in April 2017 to better understand the relationship between animals and humans. Researchers will study the pathogens animals carry, how humans interact with mammals, and further document biodiversity in Los Angeles in order to uncover how Read more

Mountain lion P-22 is seen prowling Griffith Park in a remote photo.
Miguel Ordenana

P-22, Griffith Park’s famous mountain lion, has been very lucky so far. Survival for these predators is rare in the Los Angeles region. The small, eight-square mile park where P-22 resides has no connection to other wilderness areas and is extensively visited by humans, leaving many species with no choice but to adapt to urban life. Biologists hope that wilderness corridors will connect Read more

The BI(h)OME, designed by Kevin Daly Architects in conjunction with UCLA architecture students in cityLAB, will be on display at the “cityLAb Times 10” exhibition.

“cItyLAb, times 10″—an upcoming exhibition at the A+D Museum in Downtown Los Angeles—will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of UCLA’s urban design and architecture think tank’s founding while looking ahead to the progress that will be made in Los Angeles in years to come. Dana Cuff, a professor of architecture and urban Read more