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A red-crowned parrot on the roof of an apartment building in Southern California
Gregory Bull/AP

In an opinion piece published by Citylab on June 6, 2018, Ursula Heise, the Marcia H. Howard professor of literary studies at UCLA and member of the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability, suggests that cities take a more active role in what animals and plants Read more

The study is part of a long-term effort to understand the invasive crayfish and eliminate or reduce their numbers.
U.S. Geological Survey

According to a recently published study in the journal Conservation Biology, non-native red swamp crayfish are devastating native wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains, as well as other parts of Southern California. In the case of this study led by Gary Buccuarelli, research director Read more

An overview map of “Challenges to Biodiversity: Changes in Vegetation” as part of the Biodiversity Atlas for Los Angeles County funded by the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.

On Friday, May 11, 2018, faculty members involved with the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge including Brad Shaffer, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology; Tom Gillespie, professor of geography; Ryan Harrigan, assistant adjunct professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability; and associate vice Read more

Side-blotched lizards, pictured above, were one of seven species studied by UCLA researchers investigating genetic variation in the Santa Monica Mountains. Results on how much variation occurs in different areas and species can have major implications on conservation planning.

A team of UCLA researchers, including Ryan Harrigan from the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and Robert Wayne and Thomas Smith from the department of ecology and evolutionary biology teamed up with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and Heal the Bay to look at the genetic diversity and environmental variation in seven Los Angeles Read more

The City of Los Angeles passed a resolution to invest in biodiversity research with the objective of creating a biodiversity index and policy for the city.

On May 10, 2017,  the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution that directs city staff to explore the development of a city-wide biodiversity index and to determine the city’s score on the Singapore Biodiversity Index. The resolution was developed under council member Paul Koretz who had been advocating for an L.A. biodiversity policy Read more